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Our family has changed a lot over the years, from left to right, Jessie, Bryce, Speck, Jingle, Charm, Lace, Austin and Tanuki all are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge now.

My Bryce, my last trip with her... no time will pass to heal this loss

Bryce named after Bryce Canyon for its beauty 8/01/1995 - 5/13/08

My Bryce, my Spa Girl

Prancer, my Arab mare, passed at 32 yrs. May 23, 2007 I miss her....

My little Jessie girl, our RV camping dog, adopted 2002 passed 2/5/09
my heart is aching with the loss of my dogs

Mariah my pinto Mustang cancer has taken her at 28 yr. Oct 2009

Hobo, my first Aussie

Beau, Matti, Codie
Tanuki 14 yrs
Blackie  2008
BC 2004
Athena and CJ 2003